Request Therapist

Our therapists are assigned jobs according to their levels. You can request any therapist only when he/she is available, but he/she reserves right to choose more complicated job to get higher paid if he/she has options during the conflicted time session. Thank you for understanding.

Every therapist at our Tacoma massage clinic can accept limited appointments per day.


You can make appointments to request to hold openings, but if you are late, up to 10 minutes with notice, we can take you, but might cut down a few minutes to fit next appointment customers in; over 5 minutes late without notice, we reserve right to take next customers first. If we take you late due to our own faults, we will serve you full session or give you some discount or both, normally please allow us up to 10 minutes flexible.

If someone of your group is not going to show up for appointment, please let us know ASAP, so we can fit other people in. Otherwise we reserve right not to take your appointments any more. Thanks for cooperation.

We can’t accept appointments within one hour. You are welcome to call in to check availability any time, but we only can take you as “walk-in” customers if you don’t make any appointments.


We can’t make up for the stamps (rewards) you have missed before. Join our membership, check in with the membership card to receive points automatically. Our rewards system is subject to change, please check out our location for updated information.


If you are not satisfied with our service, we encourage you to let us know in any kind of way instantly. Our goal is to provide consistent and quality service for you.