Reflexology is a popular form of alternative medicine, wherein sophisticated foot massage techniques are employed to trigger relaxation and healing throughout the body. The scientific theory behind this practice is that certain regions of your feet are connected via your nervous system to other parts of your body, and a trained reflexology therapist can use these regions to access the corresponding body parts.

The tips of your toes, for example, might be used to trigger a response in your head. The chest region can be accessed through the ball of the foot. The arch can be used to bring healing to many of the organs in your lower torso, and your heel is connected to your lower back and intestines.

People who undergo reflexology treatments generally find them to be very comforting and effective, and the treatments themselves are pain-free. It is most commonly used for treating stress, tension headaches, insomnia, PMS, digestive problems, arthritis, back pain, and certain sports injuries. It is also effective as a postoperative or complementary therapy, utilized by many cancer and surgery patients to improve their circulation and promote healing.

There is very little risk associated with reflexology treatments, though you should inform your reflexologist if you are pregnant or if you suffer from blood diseases, foot ulcers, or foot injuries.

You can see in the image below all the connections from the feet to corresponding body parts.
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