Reflexology and Foot Massage: Are they the same?

Tacoma Reflexology

Reflexology is applied to the feet, hands and ears to illicit a response from a distant part of the body, such as a target organ or a gland that needs to be healed. A foot massage is a foot massage. It is that part with an issue that needs to be resolved, such as a sprain or perhaps simply a tension. It deals only with soft tissue while a reflexologist’s actions affect the nerves.

While reflexology is more involved and more intense in scope than a foot massage, its benefits are more far-reaching and sustainable. Pinpointing the right pressure points, it covers a variety of conditions – stress and anxiety, sleep disorders, digestive problems, headaches and back pain, arthritis, and even sports injuries.

A massage therapist skilled in the art of reflexology is better trained at foot anatomy, knows the connected neural pathways, and can design a treatment regimen for a holistic approach to a particular patient’s condition. It may be more expensive than even your deep foot massage but reflexology goes beyond the gains of foot health.

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Foot massage and reflexology are both offered at our Tacoma location, the Sunshine Foot Relax. Our professionals are trained and experienced in either types, know all the touch techniques, and are abreast with current trends. If relief of aches and tension is your concern, then have our soothing foot massage. For body and organ issues pick the healing art of reflexology. Here at our Tacoma Foot Massage, it’s a five star service.