The Problem with High Heels

The High Heels Dilemma

Did you know that wearing high heel shoes increases the pressure on the balls of your feet through a downward force. The entire weight of your body bears down on your feet as it strains to keep balance. Your knees takes on excess pressure. Your lower back is pushed forward taking the spine and hips out of alignment. The body’s muscles are forced to tense up to be able to support you and prevent you from falling and while you may keep this up for a few hours, at the end of the day, it’s muscle fatigue and strain.

While women can’t help it and many will still go for the stilettos come what may, a few recommendations can help you lessen the negative effects of high heels. Firstly, do avoid wearing those heels for long periods of time. Bring along a flat pair to alternate, if that can be possible. If you must, avoid those pointed toe shoes that squeeze the life out of your toes, or opt for open-toe high heels. Get shoes with leather insoles or silicone pads so that your soles feel more comfortable and prevents your feet from slipping.

This one might be difficult, but try to like 2 inch heels instead, or get yourself a pair that have thicker heels for better stability. Buy your shoes in the afternoon to evening when your feet are at their largest. This will ensure that they can still leave enough allowance for your feet to move or breath in them. Vary your footwear from day to day and give your hard-working feet time to recover from killer heels. You must also consider an occasional foot-pampering such as a foot spa or foot massage.

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