Golf-Related Back Pain and Injuries

Now that Spring is here and the weather is slowly warming up in Washington, more people are enjoying their time golfing. Remember to ease and warm up your body before you start any physical activity.

Athletes are frequently subject to back pain, and golfers are no exception. The quick, twisting motion of swinging your golf club has a lot of potential to injure the muscles in your lower back. With this in mind, consider the following tips to minimize your chances of suffering golf-related back problems and injuries:

  • Warm Up Your Muscles: Start your game with some easy stretches, paying special attention to your shoulders, torso, and hips. After this, try a few gentle warm-up swings to get your key muscle groups working.
  • Practice a Back-Friendly Swing: Try to cultivate a smooth, rhythmic swinging motion in your golf game. This will inflict less stress on your back’s muscles and joints.
  • Carry Your Bag With Care: A golf bag can be a tough load to carry. Try to find a dual-strap bag so that its weight is evenly distributed across your back. Also, consider buying a bag that has an integrated stand, eliminating the need for you to bend over to select your clubs.

When you start to feel back pain, call on our Tacoma foot massage clinic.