The Foot Reflexology Chart Made Easy

Windows at the Bottom of your Feet

One must first understand that the right foot is associated with the right side of the body, the left foot with the left side.
On the arch of the feet, find the zones corresponding to your stomach and spleen (left side only), liver and gallbladder (right side only), and the intestines and colon on both sides below the so-called waistline. When they are stimulated, they bring relief to your digestive system woes.

See that the kidneys, ureters and bladder zones are located near the insteps.

Going up, just below the base of the toes, find the areas of the diaphragm, lungs, breast, and chest that respond to pressure which takes care of your respiratory problems. The heart zone is on the upper left sole; a good cardiac massaging there is helpful.

Pressing on your big toes leads to the head and neck, while doing the same for the ball of your foot will alleviate pelvic issues. If you have back and spine issues, the target zone is along the line of the insteps on both soles.

Foot Massage Reflexology Expert

This should set you off to the basics of understanding reflexology. But admittedly, the intricacies, the techniques, and the whole science of it are best left to your capable reflexologist. Tacoma Foot Massage has such dedicated professionals for this art. All one has to do is set an appointment. Our accommodating staff can even guide you through the process as she works on your soles.