Coconut Oil Foot Massage: Keeping Winter Feet Warm

Socks Vs Coconut Oil Massage

Noticed your feet during winter? And your skin? The cold weather will tend to drain moisture from your skin resulting in dryness of the skin. And your feet? You will notice your heels are cracked.

Cracked heels, also called heel fissures, can cause discomfort or even pain. They result from dry skin and are accompanied by thickened skin; sometimes yellow to brown calluses develop around the heel edge. While they can only look unsightly, the condition can be severe if the cracks become infected. If the cracks in the heels are deep, they can be painful, hurting you when you stand up, and they may sometimes bleed.

According to the National Foot Health Assessment 2012, 20% of adults in the US have experienced cracked skin on their feet, with women 50% more likely to report the condition than men.

Most people will wear socks to stay warm and prevent the cold weather from drying the feet. But this is not a long-term relief. Keeping your socks on the whole day, even at night, may cause your feet to sweat or become itchy. Socks will not permit your feet to even breathe at night. So why not try a simple and effective trick? Massage your feet with warm coconut oil at night.

What can warm coconut oil do to your feet? It provides warmth to the feet, massaging the feet improves its blood circulation, raising the temperature in and keeping the feet warm. The oil at night locks the moisture in the feet and prevents drying of the skin. Massaging feet with oil regularly prevents cracked heels, smoothening the skin by removing dead skin and making it softer.

With regular foot massage with oil there will be other health benefits as well. It can help reduce swelling of the legs caused by fluid retention, such as in pregnancy. It’s a reflexology technique relieving stress caused by walking or travelling. Foot muscles are relaxed and foot pain is reduced. A good foot massage can surely provide you a good night’s sleep.

Relief for Winter Feet in Tacoma

When winter comes around, be sure to remember your feet. Give them a healthy, regular massaging at our Tacoma foot massage spa. Have a soft, supple complexion and warm feet in snowy weather.

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